Ross  Corsair


Documentaries:                    “a  remarkable  flare  for  covering  a  scene”

                                                                     Mark Becker • Director/ Producer • Romántico • Pressure Cooker  • Circo

                                           “a wonderful  way  of  approaching  and  communicating  with  people“

                                                                      Lydia Tenaglia • Series Producer • Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

Features:                             “spectacular  footage - something  the  film  vitally  needed”  

                                                         John Plummer • Director/ Producer • Astronomy Of Errors

                                            “would  be  honored  to  work  with  him  again”

                                                                      Susan Brigham • Director/  Producer • Greasewood Flat



        Ross was born and raised overseas, living in Europe, Asia, and Africa for the most part until college.  He spent much of his childhood creating vast battlefields in sand piles with armies of plastic soldiers, inventing scenarios of epic drama and vast carnage.

        Having survived this itinerant life: dodging real wars, coups, floods, and other shocks and jolts of reality, he felt himself, in his college years, drawn to the world of the theater: where chaos was given some form.

        He apprenticed in college in New York under the late great two-time Tony Winner, Wilford Leach, Director of the New York Shakespeare Festival, who supervised two of Ross' nascent theater productions,
Woyzeck and The Trial. Since then, Ross has worked on over forty feature films and documentaries. Such opportunities have brought him in close contact with such luminaries as the Directors Brian De Palma and Roger Donaldson, as well as the Casting Director, Mike Fenton, all the while producing and directing his own work.




                                                                      CREDITS AS:

  1. Director                                                                                            • Cinematographer

  2. Producer                                                                                           2nd Unit Director/ DP

  3. Camera Operator